At Nootrolist, we do our best to review, rate, and offer discussion around a wide variety of nootropics and nootropic stacks. However, not every nootropic user is looking for a pre-made stack. One of the things we’re constantly asked about is where to buy nootropics.  Whether you have an allergy to or intolerance of a specific ingredient, are looking to save money, or just like having full control over your nootropic formula, buying single ingredient nootropics in bulk gives you unlimited flexibility.

Finding an honest, trustworthy online retailer can be difficult. We’ve carefully inspected each and every one of the available online stores for purchasing single ingredient nootropics and bulk nootropics. We made purchases from 15 nootropics suppliers; Below are the stores that passed our strict guidelines for quality, good manufacturing procedures qualification, scientific background and research, fair pricing, and fast, transparent shipping.

We’ve opened the comments section below, please leave a note on any of the Nootropics retailers you’ve used and your experience. We will do our best to aggregate these reviews into a qualitative average over time. As safety of our audience is of utmost concern, please leave detailed productive reviews with specific examples.

Where to Buy Nootropics

1. - Where to Buy Nootropics | Nootrolist is a great source for single ingredient nootropics including:

  • Racetams
  • Afinls
  • Noopept
  • Choline
  • And more…

We’ve ordered from their site several times and never had any issues. is a good source for people that want simple, straightforward, and proven nootropics. Their racetams, afinils, noopept, and others are all delivered in single ingredient capsules. This allows you to know exactly what you’re taking, adjust your stack or cycle very easily. also offers “Stacks,” but we feel that these would better be advertised as bundles as they are simply three single ingredient nootropics sold at a discount.

All products sold by undergo a very stringent testing protocol. All of their products are tested once after manufacturing and then again by a third party outfit called Ceretropic. tests for identity, purity, and an array of heavy metals using FTIR and HPLC. Certificates of Authenticity are available via the website. And finally, all of their capsules are manufactured and filled at an FDA registered and cGMP certified facility that has been in operation for over 25 years. ships to the entire US and to many countries. They do not currently ship to any of the following countries:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Sweden, Sudan, Syria, UAE, and UK.


Products: Encapsulated, single-ingredient nootropics

Shipping: US (orders $50+ ship free), Some International

Quality of Service: Excellent

Returns: 90 Day, Money-back guarantee


2. Powder City

Powder City - Where to Buy Nootropics | Nootrolist

By our standards, Powder City is the go-to source for bulk nootropic supplements. Offering a wide range of powdered nootropics, Powder City is definitely best in class when it comes to bulk buying. After countless orders from Powder City we can safely say that they are a trusted, reliable source for nootropics. They sell very nearly every nootropic you could want in a variety of volumes.

If you are the type of person that enjoys creating your own stack, tinkering with formulas, and filling your own capsules, this is likely the source for you. With a very easy to use website, you can purchase everything you need to create a custom stack, including an encapsulation kit and scale.

Powder City’s mission is to deliver the highest quality health and wellness products as a price leader in the market so that their customers can meet and achieve their performance goals. As such, each and every product sold undergoes rigorous testing and quality control. Their robust quality control practices range from strict quarantine upon receipt of raw materials to a battery of over 11 different tests for purity, composition, heavy metal and more. These quality control processes are something you should look at when deciding where to buy nootropics.

Powder City’s shipping policies are fairly priced and quite fast, with any order placed earlier than 8am shipped the same day. Shipping to the US ranges anywhere from 1-5 days depending on your location. For international shipping, consult Powder City’s website.


Products: Bulk Nootropic Powders, DIY Capsule Supplies, and more.

Shipping: US (orders $45+ ship free), Some International

Returns: 15-Day Return Policy on all unopened or defective products. Start a return here.


3. Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot - Where to Buy Nootropics | Nootrolist

One concern when deciding where to buy nootropics is variety. Nootropics Depot has a very wide range of nootropic product offerings that give their customers incredibly variety. Nootropics Depot sells both powdered and encapsulated nootropics that range from natural ingredients to way out there synthetics. Along with nootropics, Nootropics Depot also sells some adaptogenic, cholinergic, and mushroom based products.

The wide variety of Nootropics Depot makes it a good choice for individuals who like to try new products, however that variety can also confuse some less involved consumers. Many of the product names are littered with letters and hyphens, creating a less approachable feeling to people new to nootropics. If you are a newer consumer, don’t let that scare you away from Nootropics Depot. Stick to the products you know initially, research the ones you don’t and then revisit the site when you feel confident.

Nootropics Depot does not manufacture the nootropics on their site, rather they re-sell product from other brands. While we’ve done our best to many of the brands on offer, we can’t guarantee that all meet our strict guidelines. Make sure to do your research on any product before purchasing.

Nootropics Depot offers same day shipping on almost all products allowing total shipping time to usually range anywhere from 2-5. Free shipping on US orders over $50 is a nice plus as well.


Products: Large variety of powders and capsules.

Shipping: US (order $50+ ship free), some international

Returns: Done at the discretion of Nootropics Depot