Thrivous Clarity was designed to improve focus, memory, and mood, and to support brain function. For most people, the effects will be notable but not strong — neither distracting nor overwhelming. Thrivous selects each ingredient of Clarity for its nootropic effect based on many peer-reviewed, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

Clarity contains nootropic ingredients at concentrations and amounts based on high levels of scientific evidence for notable effect from peer-reviewed, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on humans. Thrivous Clarity is made from substances found in your normal diet, including minerals, herbs, and amino acids. It does not contain any substances that have derived from animals. All of the contained ingredients and capsules are vegan and gluten free.

Thrivous is very confident in their formulation and are very open with sharing it with the world. This is something that really sets the brand apart from some of its competitors. The Nootrolist team is a big fan of transparency when it comes to nootropic supplements, so we can appreciate that. The open-source, always evolving formula is great for consumer trust but could also prove to be a negative if the product is constantly changing over time. Their commitment to transparency is evident. For example, when a discrepancy regarding the source of Ginseng extract came to light, Thrivous clearly addressed the issue on their website. (Clarity’s label stated that Ginseng extract comes from the root of the plant instead of the leaves and stems.)

Another good sign for the validity of the Clarity nootropic is a strong call out to the Certificate of Analysis, which shares all test results from their suppliers and manufacturers. They hold the suppliers of Clarity’s ingredients to stringent quality control measures. All of their suppliers are certified to meet cGMP regulation from the FDA.

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User reviews of Clarity tend toward positive with most users agree that the nootropic gives a noticeable but not strong feeling of focus and energy. Most users notice that the product is best used over the duration of a few weeks with full efficacy noticed in about 14 days. The idea that Thivous Clarity promotes a feeling of focus while allowing you to stay calm is often noted in user reviews.

How Much Should I Take?

Thrivous formulated Clarity for consistent daily use. Unless otherwise indicated by your physician, Thivous recommends taking one serving of two capsules daily with a meal, preferably in the morning. To help with consistency and to save money, consider their convenient subscription option.

Is it safe?

In our extensive background check of Thrivous and the Clarity product. We believe that it is very safe to take for both users new to nootropics and long time users. Their all-natural ingredients, transparency in formula, certificates of analysis, and peer-reviewed research make Thrivous Clarity a safe nootropic choice.

What to expect when taking Thrivous Clarity.

Bacopa may increase memory. Ginkgo may support long-term brain function. Ginseng may improve focus. Rhodiola may improve focus and mood. Theanine may promote relaxation without sedation. And Zinc may improve mood.