OptiMind designed their nootropic for daily use when an increase in energy and focus is needed. It is also designed for continual cognitive improvement over time. Users can expect a boost in energy and mental performance within a few hours of taking the nootropic. However, users will also begin developing additional cognitive benefits after taking OptiMind for several weeks.

OptiMind is a product of AlternaScript, LLC which also makes sleep-aid and probiotic supplements. Their products have been featured in Vice, Yahoo, and reviewed by The Art of Manliness.

AlternaScript claims to have compiled 50 years of Neuroscience research to create a truly safe and effective nootropic. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing facilities allows OptiMind to receive GMP certification. Similarly, the company tests each batch of its nootropic, following strict quality control procedures.

AlternaScript states that their product is safe to take all year long, with no cycling needed. Given the ingredients in the formula, the Nootrolist staff generally agrees that a cycle is not mandatory. However, it is good practice to cycle any supplement you take a few times a year, as a general rule.

Based on our research of OptiMind reviews, people seem to notice a only a slight effect when taking one capsule per day but do notice an uplift when taking two capsules. Optimind tends to get VERY good reviews which makes the product seem scammy. Negative reviews are seen fairly rarely, however Optimind’s Free Trial offer is incredibly generous and has very little risk. Given the ingredients included, the reviews available, our own experience and the free trial, OptiMind is worth trying if you’re new to nootropics.

One of the main concerns that the Nootrolist team has with OptiMind is that while the ingredients list is publically available, the amounts of those ingredients are not. In the changing world of nutraceuticals, it’s hard to see how consumers can build trust in a brand that does not post ingredient amounts.

What to Expect When Taking OptiMind

OptiMind was scientifically formulated with ingredients to help you stay focused, give you energy, and enhance mental performance. While people might have different experiences since we all have unique brain chemistry, many of our customers report experiencing increased focused and long-lasting energy while taking OptiMind daily.

How Much Should I Take?

The recommended amount is 2 capsules per serving. However, some people start with 1 capsule to see how it feels, and then try 2 to get the full effect.

Everyone’s body is different and so the effects will vary. Experiment with taking different quantities during different times of the day to find the ideal combination for your body.

Is It Safe?

In our extensive background check of AlternaScript and the OptiMind product, we believe that it is very safe to take for both users new to nootropics and people who have been supplementing for many years.