Optimize Sleep

YAWN is a nootropic blend with components optimized for each of the three phases of sleep: falling asleep, improving quality of sleep, and feeling refreshed upon waking up. Sufficient, high-quality sleep is widely agreed to be the single most important activity you can do to optimize cognition and your mental state in the near-term.

YAWN is designed to be taken as needed, and does not need to be taken daily.

Each bottle of YAWN contains 10 capsules.


Take one capsule of YAWN with a glass of water, one hour before bedtime.

For a more pronounced and immediate effect, YAWN can be taken sublingually as follows. Open the capsule carefully, by holding it vertically and pulling the two halves of the capsule apart. Pour the contents under your tongue and allow to sit for 30 seconds. Then follow by drinking water. YAWN has a mild and slightly sweet taste.