The Lucid Smart pill is a cognitive supplement a specially designed to enhance your focus, memory and mental stamina while working, studying or completing your daily tasks. The daily dosage of three capsules contains a unique blend of 9 nutraceutical compounds blended into Lucid’s Focus 15 formula. The ingredients include many well known nootropics including several racetams, noopept and a good source of choline. This carefully designed formula is one of the most complete racetam stacks we’ve tested and proves to be a powerful nootropic combination.

One of the largest barriers to entry with both racetams and noopept is knowledge of appropriate dosing and stacking. This lack of knowledge often causes new users of these nutraceuticals to experience headaches or other negative symptoms when starting out. The Lucid Smart Pill removes the guesswork involved in starting out with racetams. The Lucid team has combined three racetams (oxiracetam, pramiracetam, and phenylpiracetam) with several other complimentary ingredients. Citicoline and Acetyl-L Carnitine work at the mitochondrial level to help the brain create acetylcholine and boost neurons. This helps reduce some of the common beginner side effects of taking racetams.

What to Expect When Taking the Lucid Smart Pill

After taking Lucid Smart Pill consistently for one week, our team agreed that the product is a powerful nootropic. Within 15 minutes of taking the Smart Pill, there was a noticeable uplift in energy and alertness. The mind felt clear and powerful, with a strong sense of motivation alongside. It felt easy to dive into work and stay focused on a particular task. There was a strong desire to work quickly and get things done. This was sometimes at the expense of quality of work but not to a detrimental level. Mild impatience was noted when taking Lucid and is quite common when taking a more powerful nootropic.

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None of the testing team noticed any headaches or discomfort when taking Lucid. This is a great sign for a product containing racetams and is likely due to a smartly balanced formula. The inclusion of Sulbutiamine can likely be credited with uplifting feelings of positivity and a very slight increase in creativity.

The “Focus 15” formula in Lucid Smart Pill is designed for several cognitive goals. Ingredients like centrophenoxine and phenylpiracetam help with long term memory and age related decline. At the same time, ingredients such as noopept and caffeine have an immediate and short term boost on brain function. After our test of the product and reviewing the ingredients list, we’d like to say that we’re fully behind the Focus 15 formula of the Smart Pill. However, a lack of the specific amounts in each dose make hold us back. When interacting with nootropics that cross the brain-blood barrier, manufacturers should be transparent with the amount of each ingredient in a formula. Lucid lets us down here, simply listing “Focus 15 Formula – 2000mg” on the label.

External reviews of Lucid seem to corroborate the experience that we had when testing. Long lasting energy and focus without jitters was a common praise for the nootropic.

Cost Per Serving

Lucid Smart Pill is sold on a per serving basis, which is a unique proposition in the market. This is due to the Lucid team’s belief that this product should not be taken daily, but instead as needed. Given the potency of the ingredients within the formula, this is a smart recommendation. Racetams are quite powerful and cycling on and off them is a smart practice. You can purchase Lucid for $4 per serving; a small discount kicks in if you order 20. Lucid does offer 20% off to customers that place a 30 or 50 dose order. It should be noted however that this is on the pricier side of available nootropics.

Our Take

Overall, we’ve found the Lucid Smart Pill to be a solid nootropic. It works as advertised, delivering a clean, clear sense of focus and motivation. The Focus 15 formula is designed to offer both near term and long term benefits, although a lack of transparency in the ingredient amounts warrants caution. The pricing of the Smart Pill makes it one of the more expensive nootropic options, but for people that don’t want a daily nootropic and prefer dosing less frequently, this may not be a factor.

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