BrainStack by Maven Labs is a nootropic supplement designed to increase focus and cognitive function. The BrainStack formulation was changed in early 2017, most significantly removing the vasodilator vinpocetine and adding the botanical ingredient Lion’s Mane. Maven Labs also adjusted the dosages of several other ingredients including a reduction in the amount of GABA and increasing the amount of choline via Alpha-GPC. The Maven Lab’s team says that the updated BrainStack formula is the result of the team’s ongoing nootropic research as well as input from customers.

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The ingredients contained within BrainStack are well known and consistently proven to increase focus and productivity without increasing anxiety or similar side effects. The nootropic contains a fairly even mix of botanical and synthesized ingredients including Bacopa and Lion’s Mane (botanicals) and Caffeine Anhydrous and Pterostilibene (synthetics). However these synthetics seem to be chosen for their increased efficacy over their natural precursors. Pterostilibene, for example, is a more potent derivative of resveratrol, a common nootropic ingredient and found naturally in blueberries.

What Should I Expect When Taking BrainStack by MavenLabs?

During our 2 week test of the BrainStack product (one bottle worth), we took the recommended two capsules daily. Within 15 minutes of ingesting the capsules, we noticed a significant increase in focus and alertness most accurately described as an “in the zone” feeling. We found it easy to stay focused and motivated on specific working tasks. During independent working sessions, distractions seemed to disappear. We were able to have a singular and dedicated focus to the task at hand.

Over the course of the two week test, we took the product daily. No significant changes in social ability were detected however a slight dip in mood was noted. This was not necessarily due to any anxious feeling but instead was a result of mild impatience and the want to focus on work. The nootropic provided a full day’s worth of focus, maintaining well into the evening hours. It is highly recommended that a nootropic sleep aid be taken when using BrainStack as some difficulty sleeping was experienced. This will help calm the brain after a long day of focus when taking this nootropic.

It should be noted that some of our team members experienced mild headaches when taking BrainStack. This may be due to the fact that this nootropic contains 60mg of caffeine. The inclusion of this much caffeine is something that should be considered when deciding if BrainStack is right for you. If you are the kind of person that drinks coffee (or other caffeinated beverages) throughout the day, you should consider the effects of the additional caffeine on your body. Similarly, if you are someone who has negative response towards caffeine, nootropics that exclude it may be better suited for you.

Overall, BrainStack is a solid nootropic product that contains a strong mix of botanical and synthetic ingredients. It certainly has a pronounced effect on focus, helping reduce distraction and allow you to get good work done. Very minor effects on mood and anxiety make this a good nootropic for people that interact with many people during the day. However it should be noted that we experienced some mild impatience as a result of taking this nootropic.

Is It Safe?

Maven Labs does include a complete list of ingredients as well as their amounts on both the website and the nootropic’s label. The company does link to additional information on each of the ingredients contained within their products so users can learn more. However, Maven Labs does not provide Certificates of Authority for any of the ingredients contained within their products. Presenting CoAs is becoming a more common practice for nootropic manufacturers. In doing this, users can confirm for themselves that the ingredients contained in a nootropic are what they claim to be. Withholding a CoA for BrainStack does not make it an unsafe product, but users should take it at their own risk.