Launched in 2012, Maven Labs is the product of the founders needs. While working in their day jobs, the founders began experimenting with nootropics to get an edge. At the time, there were not many options for safe, effective nootropic stack. The team set out to create their own unique mixture that would create the effects they wanted without breaking the bank.

The result is Maven Labs unique blend of natural nootropic ingredients found in both UnWind and BrainStack. The Maven Labs team is committed to delivering a high quality product with only effective ingredients. By splitting supplemental dosing between their two products, the team at Maven Labs can add more nootropic ingredients and eliminate fillers.

We spoke with the Maven Labs team to learn more about the origins of their products and company and what’s coming up in 2017. Check it out!

What was the inspiration behind starting Maven Labs?

I have worked for many years with close friends of mine. Naturally, our interest in nootropics began with a desire to perform better in our work. We often relied on prescription drugs to achieve those results, but the side-effects were more than we were ready to accept. We wanted to find the best natural alternatives to the standard drugs to see if we could find something with a strong enough effect and acceptably minimal side-effect.

There were not many options to be found in the marketplace, so we had to concoct our own mixture of supplements. With the numbers of supplements needed to achieve the desired result, we were spending an almost prohibitive amount of money. At this point we thought, why not manufacture our own combination of these supplements at a cheaper price, and share those savings with others looking to do the same.

How have nootropics changed your life?

It’s hard to summarize the change, because it has been so foundational to what has followed. I’ve learned more about business in joining the nootropics industry and running a nootropics business. I’ve learned more about basic sciences while investigating the mechanisms and research behind the huge number of available nootropics. I’ve learned more about what composes intelligence and cognitive performance, and how those components actually feel. This has given me a greater agency in designing my own mental state and daily life experience. The change never stops, and the impact continues to grow. I have no idea what a life without nootropics would be.

The formulations for both BrainStack and UnWind are fairly complex. How did you come up with the formulas for each one?

The formulation is a balance of a few different forces. One force is our own personal experimentation with different individual supplements. There are some supplements we clearly know we want and don’t want to use. Another force is the experience of others, giving some prioritization of those supplements that don’t quite fit into either of those categories. A third force is the formulation of competitors in the marketplace, as we try to provide what is not currently available through other providers. This ends up not being too difficult as many manufacturers simply look for the cheapest available ingredients, often including fillers. We spare no expense in stuffing everything we can into every capsule.

One great thing we’ve been able to do after introducing UnWind is split supplement dosing across both products. Some supplements work for both relaxation and focus, and do not need to be taken at any particular time. This is perfect for splitting the dose across both products to take advantage of those last little bits of space in each capsule to fill.

We have been around a while, and we like to update our formulas to take into account the experience of our clients, and adjust formulas based on feedback, making sure the experience is neither too strong nor too weak.

What is the greatest story you’ve heard from a customer that has come as a result of taking a Maven Labs product?

Just as I said about how nootropics has changed my life, the greatest stories end up coming from the mundane. When people tell us that Maven Labs is the foundation of their daily nootropics or supplement regimen, that’s when we know we’ve succeeded. We cannot attribute their success to our product, nor can we be separated from it. We cannot legally or physically deliver certain nootropics with our product, and any serious user knows that. But we can provide a substantial, affordable, effective base for a productive lifestyle, and every time we hear that we’ve done that, it’s as great as any other.

I know that’s a bit of a cop-out, and maybe we’ve just become to accustomed to the greatness of the people we work with. The nootropics community is filled with such passionate, motivated, and interesting people, every person I meet is a reminder of what is possible in life.

Nootropics are booming right now. What excites you about the future of the category?

We started out pretty early on in this boom. It was a side-project of ours, given that we got into nootropics to support our primary work. What has been great about the boom is it has given us a great opportunity to learn from others. There are new nootropics, new delivery methods, new business models, all being actively experimented with, and we’re happy to learn from those and take the best of what comes out of that experimentation and adopt it ourselves. And there is still so much more to explore. Personalized nootropics has not been done right, and I think it could be huge for the industry.

What’s coming up for Maven Labs in 2017?

We have a lot going on this year. We’re just reaching out now to get our feelers out to see what we might want to do in the near future. At very least, it will result in the next iteration of our formula later this year, but we are looking for a change, and could be an entirely different company by next year. Like I said before, the change never stops, and the impact only grows.

If you’re interested in learning more about the products, you can read our detailed review on BrainStack and UnWind. You can purchase BrainStack and UnWind  via Amazon or directly via Maven Lab’s website.


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