Lucid is one of the newest players in the growing nootropics market. Their Smart Pill is a powerful nootropic cognitive enhancer that was built from its founders desire to do more in his limited time. With a background in technology infrastructure, CEO Aaron Weller started Luicd started as a self-taught bio-hacker with his own needs in mind. We caught up with Aaron to learn more about his background, about Lucid, and about his views on the future of nootropics.


1. What did you do before starting Lucid? How did your interest in nootropics begin?

Before starting Lucid I was immersed the world of startups, building, and then selling several businesses.  I started my first company, Crucial Cloud Hosting, at the age of 18, over 12 years the business won several awards for fastest growing companies in Australia, and  eventually sold the company two years ago – at the time of sale the company had over 40 employees, and hosted over 35,000 business websites.  In addition to Crucial, I was also a founding investor & director at Australian SEO company Online Marketing Gurus, and exited within 1.5 years.  Most recently I co-founded Miss Amara, a business that’s changing the way rugs are sold online using machine learning, and augmented reality.

While building these companies, I was constantly looking for ways to improve my focus, mental performance, and keep me motivated during the long hours & intense focus that was required.  What I stumbled across was a group of nutraceutical and nootropic compounds which made a profound impact on my focus, motivation, and mental performance. That’s when I realised the huge potential for a mainstream product accessible to everyone, and Lucid was born with my other two co-founders, Amie (my sister), and Hendrik. We worked with a cGMP supplements manufacturer in the USA to finalise the formulation, based off existing clinical research into efficacy & safety.

2. I see that you’ve found success as an entrepreneur prior to Lucid, what made you want to start a nootropics company?

Building several businesses and the intense focus required, and workloads that come along with doing so pushed me to continue looking at ways of optimising and improving my performance. That’s when I came across Nootropics and we realised there was a big opportunity taking it from a the niche biohacking market to the much bigger professionals market through education, and a simple and accessible product.

3. The Lucid Smart Pill contains a unique formula of ingredients called Focus 15, can you tell me a bit more about that?

Lucid Smart Pill’s unique formulation is designed to increase focus, motivation, and mental agility for a full working day. Designed as a take when needed product it has intense and long lasting properties, lasting for a full working day. While Lucid can be taken daily, we suggest users only take when required to get the full effects each time.

We worked with a cGMP certified supplements manufacturer in the USA to formulate a unique formula designed to increase focus, motivation, and mental agility for a full working day.  The ingredients were specially selected based on existing clinical studies, and their synergistic properties when combined.  Focus 15 is the 15th iteration of the original formula, and we plan to iterate and improve the formula over time through our own clinical research as well as customer feedback.

4. How have nootropics changed your life?

Short answer, yes.  However the longer answer is nootropics can help you a lot in life, however to get the best of nootropics you need to holistic approach to yourself, and taking into account more than just a pill which improves your performance.

For example, Lucid Smart Pill is much more than just a company selling a smart pill product, we exist to inspire everyone to achieve their full potential, and we call this betterment. One of the ways we are achieving this is through selling the Lucid Smart Pill.

6. What is the greatest story you’ve heard from a customer that has come as a result of taking your Smart Pill?

One of our customers uses the product while managing a TV set for one of the largest TV series in Australia to help get through the long days of filming.  And what’s even better is their colleagues all use Lucid now as well.

7. Nootropics are booming right now. What excites you about the future of the category?

The nootropics space is still in it’s infancy, so we are going to see some very interesting things as the space grows and continues to innovate.  What excites me is the strive for humans to continue to reach their full potential, I think we are just at the start of this evolution.

8. What’s coming up for Lucid in 2017?

Lucid has big plans for 2017, with our main focus for the year is to continue to inspire everyone to achieve their full potential.  On the product front that means we plan to iterate the product over the coming year, as well as complete a clinical trial so we have additional empirical evidence on the efficacy of our product.

We will also be expanding our product range to include either a personalised cognitive supplement, or a daily cognitive supplement product.

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Lucid Smart Pill

The Lucid Smart pill is a cognitive supplement a specially designed to enhance your focus, memory and mental stamina.