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Lucid CEO Arron Weller Founder Interview | Nootrolist

Lucid is one of the newest players in the growing nootropics market. Their Smart Pill is a powerful nootropic cognitive enhancer that was built from its founders desire to do more in his limited time. With a background in technology infrastructure, CEO Aaron Weller started Luicd started as a self-taught bio-hacker with his own needs […]

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Maven Labs Founder Interview | Nootrolist

Launched in 2012, Maven Labs is the product of the founders needs. While working in their day jobs, the founders began experimenting with nootropics to get an edge. At the time, there were not many options for safe, effective nootropic stack. The team set out to create their own unique mixture that would create the […]

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Interview with Lincoln Cannon Thrivous CEO | Nootrolist

If scientific validation, extreme quality standards, and formula transparency are paramount in your search for nootropics, look no further than Thrivous. Founded in 2016 by Lincoln Cannon and his wife, Dorothee, are on a mission to deliver the safest, most cost effective nootropic stack on the market. Born out of self interest and experimentation and […]

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8 Things To Know About NeuroGum with Founder Kent Yoshimura | Nootrolist

While nootropics as a concept have been around for over 20 years, the last few years have seen a shift in nootropics from being a secret among “biohackers” to becoming a trendy life hack. With new nootropics brands popping up all the time, hocking products with synthetic ingredients no-one can pronounce, the more natural and […]

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