While nootropics as a concept have been around for over 20 years, the last few years have seen a shift in nootropics from being a secret among “biohackers” to becoming a trendy life hack. With new nootropics brands popping up all the time, hocking products with synthetic ingredients no-one can pronounce, the more natural and truly effective nootropics always seem to bubble to the top of the pile. One of those products is NeuroGum.

Created by two friends with a background in extreme sports, cognitive science, and a distaste for energy drinks, NeuroGum is a simple and effective way to get a quick boost of energy. The nootropic gum is a cold-compressed combination of caffeine, L-theanine, and a B-Vitamin complex. Their patented cold-compression formulation maximizes the delivery of active ingredients, giving you energy 5X faster than drinking coffee.

Using only use high quality GRAS ingredients allows NeuroGum to help you increase focus and mental clarity without the sugar crash or uncontrollable energy drink jitters. Because NeuroGum is sugar, aspartame, and gluten free as well as vegan and non-GMO, it enables you to increase your focus and productivity without having to ingest artificial forms of energy or a handful of pills.

NeuroGum was created out of the founders need for a more accessible nootropic. Ryan Chen and Kent Yoshimura teamed up with UCLA surgeons, and professional chemists to realize their dream of a nootropic gum. We caught up with Kent, NeuroGum CEO, to ask him a few questions about the beginnings of NeuroGum, what’s next for the brand, and the future of nootropics. Enjoy!


What did you do before starting NeuroGum? How did your interest in nootropics begin?


During college, I was training around 4-5 hours a day after school in Judo and Muay Thai, and travelled frequently to fight in Thailand or train in Japan. Balancing my studies in Cognitive Science (specializing in NeuroScience) and training just became overwhelming and trying to steer away from energy drinks and “study drugs”, my roommate turned me onto nootropics. I fell in love with aniracetam and modafinil and eventually began experimenting with every nootropic that was popular during that time (circa 2009), buying them in bulk and capsulizing them in my room.
After college, I worked in film and music production, sleeping on couches. During my time staying on Ryan’s couch, I turned him onto nootropics since the medication he was taking for his nerve pain would leave him exhausted. We eventually began brainstorming ideas on how we can make nootropics much more accessible and more appealing that popping twenty pills a day and eventually came upon this idea of putting it into a gum.


How did you and Ryan meet? What inspired you to go into business together and what do you like best about being business partners?


Ryan and I met his freshman year and my sophomore year of college during class, when I caught him staring at the same girl I was staring at. His Junior year, he got in a snowboarding accident that left him paralyzed but that never really stopped him from losing momentum. I think this desire to keep going burns pretty brightly in both of us, and despite the ups and downs of starting a business, it’s been an amazing sharing this adventure with him.


You spent a year developing NeuroGum with brain surgeons and average joes alike. Can you tell us what went into that process?


A major issue we were running into was packing the perfect balance of flavor and balanced energy into a 1.7mg piece of gum. We initially wanted to develop a racetam gum, only to realize the amount we’d be putting in to create an effective product would not be feasible in a gum format. A neurosurgeon on the UCLA Medical Board I had worked with before helped us look into some alternative delivery methods and ingredients, but working alongside a chemist/formulator, we finally resorted back to our favorite stack and got the right balance of caffeine + L-theanine to give energy and focus. We chose the 2:3 ratio (40mg caffeine to 60mg L-theanine) so you can chew NeuroGum throughout the day without burning out your adrenal glands and without having too much L-theanine where you’d get drowsy.

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Nootropic gum is a pretty unique product! Why did you decide to create a gum instead of a capsule based supplement?


Every company was making supplements, and I felt like a junky popping twenty pills a day. We wanted to share our love for nootropics and everyone chews gum, right?


What is the greatest story you’ve heard from a customer that has used your product?


I have two actually. Here’s an email we got from an older customer:


“I recently received my order of NeuroGum.  I will be 70 yo in May and have been doing yoga since 1999. Yoga keeps me pain free from spinal issues.  The problem I have is having enough energy TO DO yoga, so there are periods that I go five days without it, resulting in serious back pain.  Such was the case this morning:  I knew I needed to do yoga but lacked the spark to start…until I chewed two pieces of NeuroGum!  It took about fifteen minutes for me to feel the total effects of NeuroGum, and I have to say it was not only pleasant, I had all the energy I needed to do my full hour and a half practice, which I do at home.

The other issue I have is an insulin reaction when I eat sugar.  This does not always happen, but one of the ways I have raised my energy levels is to have a pastry and drink Earl Grey Tea; nothing like sugar and caffene to get you going, except sometimes I totally crash.  So now, I have an alternative, NeuroGum, which will give me the energy I need  to do yoga without the sugar reaction. Thank you for developing this product!”

And the other – I was working through the night for an upcoming show and ordered some Thai food through postmates. The postmate recognized my name through our Indiegogo campaign and pulled out a pack of NeuroGum from his pocket when he delivered my food. It was such a surreal and amazing experience to see our product in the wild like that for the first time.


Nootropics are booming right now. What excites you about the future of the nootropics industry?


Whether it stems from my martial arts background or my art, I have always been fascinated in pursuing personal development. Biohacking as a field will inevitably play a major role in people’s lives as the technology develops, and nootropics will only further the human fascination with going beyond their limits.


What’s coming up for NeuroGum in 2017?


A LOT! We want to be the go-to nootropic confectionary brand and expand with more flavors, more product lines, and more personality. Get ready 🙂


Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your products?

I think the most exciting part of a business venture is how the brand becomes a personification of its founders. Both Ryan and I remain fairly active and NeuroGum consistently fuels our adventures. If nootropics are meant to make us better, more optimized human beings, I can say starting a company with a product I love has truly pushed me forward in this goal.


If you’re interested in learning more about the product, you can read our detailed NeuroGum Review. You can purchase NeuroGum  via Amazon or directly via NeuroGum’s website.


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NeuroGum is a sugar and aspartame-free nootropic energy gum that uses nootropic ingredients to give your brain a boost.